Red Corvettes

It’s not often that I find myself looking back at High School and appreciating those early formative years. Over the last few days I’ve had the opportunity to think back and realize just how bat shit insane some people were. It’s one thing to look up an old friend and chit chat about how they are doing, it’s another thing to bust out pictures of your 19 inch biceps and try to impress members of the opposite sex with your shiny red corvette and serenade them with Nickelback.

How to properly sword fight

For all the aspiring gentlemen:

I don’t know what is more amusing, the fact that this is online, or the fact that they can use quotes like this; “then he that thrusts first, speedeth: if both happen to thrust together, they are both in danger”; in polite society.

“Of six chief causes, that many valiant men think themselves by their practices to be skillful in their weapons, are yet many times in their fights sore hurt, and many times slain by men of small skill or none at all.”

– yeah. happens all the time.