Thunderous applause

Yeah, I know this is a line from a shitty movie, but let me explain.

This is a link to the most restrictive abortion law in the country:

It passed AFTER the deadline.  That doesn’t matter, because Texas is no longer a democracy, the GOP decided to play by fascist rules today.

That is Wendy Davis, donate to her, she started a 13 hour filibuster, but was cut off by the cheating GOP when she discussed non-germane topics.  Apparently the GOP feel that in a Filibuster of a restrictive abortion law, sonograms and Roe Vs. Wade are “not germane”.  See, if you can’t play fair, just cheat.

This set the stage for some other heroes like  John Whitmire and Kirk Watson to try and stop a vote.  At the end, the GOP rammed their agenda through, and about ten minutes from the deadline, the people in the gallery started screaming.  They cheered, they yelled, and they chanted.  THE PEOPLE DECIDED TO ACT! They bought the necessary ten minutes, and the GOP CHEATED!

So ends democracy in Texas, yes, there were cheers, but those were the cheers of men and women, fighting to stop an unjust group of people from STEALING their rights.  I’m disgusted at the GOP and their fascism   I can’t be prouder of the Texans fighting for their rights.

You won this battle GOP, but remember, this is TEXAS.  Sure, some battles are lost, but  we don’t give up on just causes. The war has just begun! Instead of destroying morale, you just increased our resolve.  Thanks GOP, you just gave us something else to “REMEMBER”.


Keep your opinion…

Read that article, and then the comments.  You should feel outrage.  Outrage for this poor little girl who was just minding her own business, and got a verbal thrashing at the hands of some half rate – Barney Fife wannabe TSA agent.  No, her attire is none of your business, if you can’t do your job and keep your misguided moral opinion to yourself, perhaps you should consider a career in politics.

My outrage goes further, read the comments yet?  I saw several instances of comparing this young child to “a prostitute” and “slut”.  Compounded with that were insults against Muslims.  Have you heard of the Taliban?  They are responsible for punishing women for not being “decent” or “moral”.  Forcing them to cover up, and be submissive to men.  Sound familiar?  If you commented in a disparaging way towards that girl you could join them.

I’m a bit sick and tired of asshats using centuries old “moral” judgments on people and then being offended when they are called out for being intolerant, racist, sexist, etc.  Don’t hide behind religion either, it’s not your religion that is making you a piece of human excrement, it’s your misguided logic.

Basically, STFU, and worry about why you suck at life.  If you spent less time being morally outraged at people for what they wear, or who they love, etc then maybe you would have more time to spend on personal growth.  You might even crack a book open and learn how to think critically someday.