Watching the Vice videos, I’m utterly disgusted at all the things that White Supremacists and Nazis say. The whole concept of racially superiority is such a joke. Racial purity is as well. Throughout the history of humanity, there has been once constant, humanity’s constant curiosity. We have explored, traveled, and spread throughout the Earth. The constant migration patterns of people have ensured there is no such thing as racial purity. Even the Germanic people of Western Europe can trace their lineage to migrations from Asia.

In regards to “savages” it’s ironic that those of European descent, to make such statements. The preservation of ancient Greek and Roman knowledge is due to the preservation by Arabic civilization. Knowledge was retained, and reintroduced from the middle east, through Russian and into Scandinavian societies. The renaissance was only successful because of the knowledge preserved from the east.

European dominance, thanks to rich trade with Asia, and sciences preserved and spread from the middle east, allowed the European powers to obtain not just knowledge, but also gunpowder, which they used to become more efficient conquerors. Tell me, who is more savage, those living in relative harmony with their environment, or those sailing to new lands, and forcing their will on native people and ecosystems?

Africa, America and Asia all suffered from the ill-conceived policies of colonialism, forcing traditional enemies to be part of the same “nation”, etc. There is no superiority in conquest and murder. Greed is no excuse to destroy native cultures, yet that is the history of the West. It’s a violent one, and though we have benefited from the technology developed to sustain this greed for expansion and conquest, we also immense ecological and cultural damage to deal with.

Humanity has a history full of violence, and barbarism, and the West is the pinnacle of those achievements. We are at the precipice of change. Either we give up old biases, and learn, and accept from our violent past, in order to make a more harmonious future, or we continue down the path of denial. We reject change, in the name of petty bigotry, and we prove to our progeny that the West’s legacy will truly be one of barbarism.

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