Time to get up, time to get ready.

No time to think, go, go, go!

Don’t slow down, keep on going.

Life won’t slow down.

The feeling of despair lingers,

Like the last bit of morning fog.

Every moment tainted by haze.

Overwhelming burden, waiting to crash down.

The yearning to be complete always pushed back.

No time to wonder, or regret.

No time to focus on dreams or desires.

Guilt and responsibility fill the void.



Daily grind, always going.
Fleeting moments of freedom,
Vanishing into a haze of duty.
Day in, day out, is there more?
Deadlines, meetings, classes,
Don’t forget to eat, or breath.
No, don’t think, keep going.
Soul and heart keep screaming,
There has to be more.
For the sound of laughter,
And the beauty of a smile,
There has to be more.


The storm slowly pushes in,
Thunder of despair, lightning of sorrow,
Rain of sadness, and wind of fear.
I sit, huddled in my shelter of hope,
as the storm grows in strength, I hope.
As the rain pushes is way into the cracks, I hope.
The thunder frightens me, and I hope.
I hope for sunny days, gentle breezes,
and beams of sunlight, I hope.
With each crackle of lighting my hope grows,
and with the growing hope, my shelter strengthens.
Hope is small, weak, almost invisible at first,
As despair creeps though, hope explodes,
A beacon in the storm.