Houston Strong


Houston is my home. I’ve grown up here, lived here, loved and lost here. The last couple of weeks have been tremendously hard for me, and for everyone in the Greater Houston area. I was fortunate to not have any damage to my home, my family is safe and sound. It’s my city, and my friends and neighbors, that are suffering. Local responses, by the community, and Fire, Police and Medical personnel were amazing. The community rolled up their sleeves, and jumped in, literally, to save each other.
The state, federal, and Red Cross responses have not been as amazing. There is a need, for the community, to hold our leaders accountable for the long term response. We need to rebuild the city, children need clothes, school supplies, books, and warm beds. The elderly, and the economically disenfranchised have gone from a poor situation, to a worse one. Now is the time, to come together, and to make sure that nobody is treated as a burden. We are one human race, we are all Texans, and we must rebuild. This will be a marathon process, and once the cameras and publicity shift to the poor victims of Hurricane Irma, Houston will still need an army of volunteers and citizens to make Houston stronger.

I’ve setup that page to help us coordinate. Please jump in, volunteer, and help me help this city. We all have our gifts, we all have our passions, and we all have each other.




Watching the Vice videos, I’m utterly disgusted at all the things that White Supremacists and Nazis say. The whole concept of racially superiority is such a joke. Racial purity is as well. Throughout the history of humanity, there has been once constant, humanity’s constant curiosity. We have explored, traveled, and spread throughout the Earth. The constant migration patterns of people have ensured there is no such thing as racial purity. Even the Germanic people of Western Europe can trace their lineage to migrations from Asia.

In regards to “savages” it’s ironic that those of European descent, to make such statements. The preservation of ancient Greek and Roman knowledge is due to the preservation by Arabic civilization. Knowledge was retained, and reintroduced from the middle east, through Russian and into Scandinavian societies. The renaissance was only successful because of the knowledge preserved from the east.

European dominance, thanks to rich trade with Asia, and sciences preserved and spread from the middle east, allowed the European powers to obtain not just knowledge, but also gunpowder, which they used to become more efficient conquerors. Tell me, who is more savage, those living in relative harmony with their environment, or those sailing to new lands, and forcing their will on native people and ecosystems?

Africa, America and Asia all suffered from the ill-conceived policies of colonialism, forcing traditional enemies to be part of the same “nation”, etc. There is no superiority in conquest and murder. Greed is no excuse to destroy native cultures, yet that is the history of the West. It’s a violent one, and though we have benefited from the technology developed to sustain this greed for expansion and conquest, we also immense ecological and cultural damage to deal with.

Humanity has a history full of violence, and barbarism, and the West is the pinnacle of those achievements. We are at the precipice of change. Either we give up old biases, and learn, and accept from our violent past, in order to make a more harmonious future, or we continue down the path of denial. We reject change, in the name of petty bigotry, and we prove to our progeny that the West’s legacy will truly be one of barbarism.

Fake Geeks

Let me say this to all the “geek” men that feel the need to belittle and harass women for the crime of having a cool job. Fuck off. Take your vile misogyny, and shove it up your ass and die. You’re not geeks, nor men. You are vile sacks of shit that need to go back under the rock you came from. All this woman is guilty off is enjoying some time with coworkers. She’s not a “fake geek” you are. I’ve lived my entire life being a nerd/geek whatever term you wish to use. I grew up being mocked, for the simple crime of liking things that weren’t mainstream. I’m sick of the bullshit “gamer” talk, the attacks I see on others for enjoying the same things. Comics, Sci-fi, science, etc, are not the exclusive domain of men. I sure as hell don’t see you douche canoes mocking women dressed in cosplay. Maybe that’s because you are a bunch of losers that enjoy creeping on women from a distance, because you subconsciously realize that your foul personalities are kryptonite to the other sex. Maybe it’s just because you have mommy issues, I Don’t give a fuck. You are assholes. You give geeks a bad name, and you deserve to get dragged through the mud, in public, for your vile statements. I promise you one thing, if I ever find out about one of you cretins trying to get a job where I work, I will shut that shit down. You’ll be stuck in your parent’s basement, with your hateful rhetoric, and your box of tissues.





Looking deep into the well,
Down into the depth of time.
Layers and layers repeating,
History full of turmoil and despair.
Will we ever clear the waters?
Can the cycle ever end?
Deep drinks of oppression,
Can only be washed away,
With deep draughts of knowledge.


The need for closeness overwhelms,
My soul is split in two.
I fight to find what I have lost,
To reunite what has been torn.
Pain is all that exists,
Deep, dark, and overwhelming.
My heart has given up on itself,
exiled to its own prison.
Someday I will heal,
Today there is only pain.



Day by day, we all waste our life away.
How easy would it be to ignore that empty feeling,
To be caught up in the redundant, the mundane, the fruitless.
My heart was empty, but I had all I should,
Friends, family, and career.
Ever nagging was that hole, ever in my heart.
Oh a whim, I followed my heart to the forest,
I, instead, had found my soul.

Brave? Nah….

Rachel Maddow is my platonic crush.  I would gladly sit in a room and listen to her spew awesome all day.  Recently she called out Senator Rand Paul for being a liar.

The Republicans are in the middle of their “minority outreach” program.  The thought that it takes a concerted effort for them to reach out to minorities should be enough of a sign that they will probably fail at it.  Why do they have to strategize on how to appeal to minorities? Maybe they should re-evaluate their “moral compass”.  I think it’s stuck on “asshole”.

In any event, Maddow calls out Senator Paul in typical awesome fashion.




Don’t be a dick.

I have a fairly diverse background, so I know many different types of people, from many different cultures, religions, and educational backgrounds. Not one group of people is perfect, or should ever claim to be “always right”. To do is is pure arrogance and ignorant. I have talked to conservatives that care deeply for other people. I know liberals that would criticize an entire religious group without regard. I’ve heard some Christians with a wonderful grasp of science, they are at the top of their fields and simply see science as another way to be closer to their God. I know atheists that treat their view of science with such a radical obsession they make the Taliban look moderate.
I am guilty of making as many judgmental remarks as anyone else, but at the end of the day I do not think that any group of people is absolutely right. I know that my views are not universally shared, and I’m always willing to have a good, vigorous conversation about them. Compromise is essential in many aspects of life, and it saddens me to see that many people are no longer capable of it.

Happy New Years!

Time for a mushy New Years post.  I do want to say that I am thankful for all of my friends and family.  I’m thankful for people who call me out on my bullshit, and who keep me honest.  This has been a great year of new opportunities and new friendships.  I hope the following year is full of the same.

Time to move forward!

Be nice to a stranger day


The news of the school shooting in Connecticut is heart breaking.  Regardless of your political affiliation, do something nice for another person.  Let’s heal this country by caring for each other again.  Let’s get the mentally unstable access to decent, free healthcare.  Let’s increase the waiting period for a gun.  Let’s DO SOMETHING to help keep our children, and each other, safe.


So Elections happened this past Tuesday.  I had a paper due, so I didn’t spend time updating this blog.  All I can say is thank (God, FSM, Yoda, whatever) Obama won.  Now don’t get me wrong, in many ways Obama is not liberal enough.  I’m just glad for my family, my friends and for everyone really that we didn’t take a giant step  backwards.  Who would have figured that issues concerning women’s rights and fairness for everyone to love whomever they want would actually make the difference.  Well okay rational people who understand that going towards a theocracy would understand.