Fashion and Friends

Go to that link.  That is the storefront for one of my closest childhood friends.  I’ll be the first to admit that I am horrible at keeping in touch with people, thank goodness for Facebook!  Jessiica is an immensely talented designer and I strongly encourage everyone to support her!  Her line of tank tops are up now, more on the way!

Thieving Assholes

To the asshole who broke into my truck (yes again).  Fuck you.

Any asshole can pop a lock and grab a bag containing someone’s laptop and ipad.  That’s easy to do you incestuous crack whore.  It takes real talent to do so without damaging the truck.  I hate being robbed, but thankfully I can remote wipe my hard-earned data from my stuff.  Enjoy the bricks ass.  I hope you get a decent price for the stuff so that you can continue to smoke meth or whatever.