Don’t be a dick.

I have a fairly diverse background, so I know many different types of people, from many different cultures, religions, and educational backgrounds. Not one group of people is perfect, or should ever claim to be “always right”. To do is is pure arrogance and ignorant. I have talked to conservatives that care deeply for other people. I know liberals that would criticize an entire religious group without regard. I’ve heard some Christians with a wonderful grasp of science, they are at the top of their fields and simply see science as another way to be closer to their God. I know atheists that treat their view of science with such a radical obsession they make the Taliban look moderate.
I am guilty of making as many judgmental remarks as anyone else, but at the end of the day I do not think that any group of people is absolutely right. I know that my views are not universally shared, and I’m always willing to have a good, vigorous conversation about them. Compromise is essential in many aspects of life, and it saddens me to see that many people are no longer capable of it.

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