Full Friday

Joseph cautiously peeked over his cube wall. The SAP migration to Linux was well on its way. Terminal junkies were in their T-shirts and jeans, greedily consuming endless amounts of coffee. Random issues with ancillary systems kept Joseph from sneaking out at 1. His head pounded from the stress of having to work a full Friday. The needed SPN changes hung over his head, forcing him to commit to staying another half hour.
Bitterly he took a drink of his water, cursing the PMs involved.
“Next Friday I shall skip out early” he vowed.

Daily updates

Joseph slumped in his desk chair. The hard plastic headset was pinching his ears. The monotone voice of his coworker blasted through, lulling him to a state of drowsiness.
He was half-halfheartedly paying attention to the discussion. The daily updates were the same ever day, the project was on task to catastrophically fail. As his head nodded up and down he kept willing his eyes to stay open. Nobody was interested in listening to different ideas. His task was to sit on the line and explain how easy his part would be completed and to prevent himself from pointing out the other obvious flaws in the plan.

Morning Shock

As Joseph sat at his desk typing diligently on his keyboard, the building shook. The sudden sound of thunder washed over him like a freight train. He peered over his shoulder at the window behind him. The heavens opened up and rain pelted the windows like a thousand arrows being unleashed.