You made me post with your asshattery. Yes I made that word up.

I’m not happy with the Zimmerman outcome.  I’ll come out and say that I just don’t understand why some asshat can get away with murdering someone else because he “suspected” that they were up to no good.  I’ll leave race out of my explanation.

The facts that I care about.  Zimmerman was following a “suspicious” person.  Zimmerman called 911 and the operator advised him not to follow, he chose to ignore that advise.  That’s my first problem.  I’ve been in situations before where suspicious people were knocking on all of my neighbors door.  They looked like they were selling something, but usually door to door salespeople avoid doing so at night.  It looks creepy.  I carry a CHL, and one of these people tried to follow me to my garage, I told them to back off.  I was loud, and firm, and they backed off.  I then called 911, from inside my house, and warned my neighbors.  These people were robbing houses in the area, and they got picked up.  Total wait time, 5 minutes.  Why did I not shoot them?  Mainly because I don’t want to kill anyone, but mostly because I didn’t know if they were armed as well, and it was dark, anything could happen that would result in a tragic accident.  It was common sense, and if I want to play hero, I’ll go volunteer at the food bank.

Second issue, people saying that “Travon was a thug and deserved it”.  He was a kid.  He may have skipped class, gotten expelled for non-violent reasons, he may have smoked pot.  I don’t care.  Hell, he could have sacrificed children to Satan, that’s not the point.  The point is he was walking home that night, with skittles.  Zimmerman is just a regular, annoying,person.  He didn’t have a report on Travon’s activities.  He’s not a detective, he’s an asshole that just needed to call 911 and back the fuck off.  It wasn’t his job to follow anyone, and it sure as hell wasn’t his job to shoot anyone.  That’s why we pay for police, and we make sure they are trained.

Seriously, bite me if you think anyone deserves to die.  The same people saying that Travon deserved to be dead are the same assholes pushing abortion restrictions on women.  You hypocrites can just go to hell.



Ever feel so tired that you can’t sleep?  That seems to be happening to me more and more lately.  As I sit here, awaiting sleep, I am left with a few random thoughts.  Lucky you:

1. Seriously I don’t even eat hot dogs anymore, but the lack of consistency between hot dog packages and hot dog bun packages really annoys the living shit out of me.  They don’t even try to “trick us” into thinking this was some cosmic accident.  It’s basically a big ‘ole “Screw You” from corporate america.  Yeah, I’m on to you, which leads me to:

2. Wtf is up with me always losing socks in the dryer?  Yes, I’m sure it’s simply me misplacing things.  Nope, as I’ve said before (I  think), it’s a conspiracy by evil Corporate America.  Where do you think all of that lint comes from huh? It’s not random fibers, it’s the desiccated remains of your socks people! They are being sacrificed to some really lame demon that demands sock tribute!  Joss Whedon,  there is an idea for a show.  It’s all yours, just get me a date with Felicia Day, or someone equally awesome.  You’re welcome.

3. Why is Chick-Fil-A so yummy, but full of such hate?  Do they lace it with some kind of psychotropic mushrooms?  Why do I constantly break my oath to boycott the fuckers?  Can we put those mushrooms on something healthy for me.  I’d kill to be this obsessed over a salad.  (kidding I’m a pacifist.  No really.)

Yup, still awake.

I need to buy a 5 ft metal chicken to annoy my new neighbors with…

I love the bloggess.  I want to sit in her living room and collate paper all day.

I hate JJ Abrahms for what he’s done to Star Trek.  Really, what’s the point of rebooting if you are going to make a half-assed copy of the Wrath of Khan.  Asshat… give it to Seth MacFarlane!